String art my heart- DIY

I know it's been awhile since my last blog! But I am back with a fun one today.  I've seen some really cute string art all over Pinterest and I knew I had to try it! It was so easy, fun and actually very relaxing! It reminded me of those string art projects from elementary school. For this project I am dedicating it to my home state of Minnesota. You Betcha!

Wood circle, embroidery thread, linoleum nails, hammer and a drawing of Minnesota.  

So many pretty colors to choice from!

State of Minnesota, I tried to make the heart but I had to skip it in the end. 

Creating the outline with my drawing

Removing the piece of paper

Tie a knot to secure the string

start zig-zaging 

In it's new home!

Supplies needed:

  • piece of wood of your choice
  • linoleum nails 11/16"
  • embroidery thread - colors of your choice 
  • hammer
  • scissors
  • drawing or picture of what you want to make  

How to:

Step one: Figure out what you want to string art
Step two: Place drawing on piece of wood where you'd like the drawing to be
Step three: Start outlining the drawing with nails
Step four: Remove the drawing showing the outline you just made 
Step five: Tie the thread of the color of your choice to where you'd like to start
Step six: Start zig-zagging and remember to keep your pattern! Tie another knot where you want to stop. Then start a new color if you want or end the string art
Step seven: Hang or find a new home for your beautiful new artwork!

Happy Creating!

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