Light the way to a new lamp!

This weekend has been crazy! Spent most of it doing some spring cleaning. Painting, reorganizing and de-cluttering. My mind was filling up with new room layouts and new ideas for accessories. While browsing my favorite site Pinterest I found lots of DIY lamps. But one stuck out to me this one on Poppytalk blog.

It reminded me of the lighting project I did in college. We had an assignment to make a lighting fixture but first it was experimenting with different materials to see the affect it has on the room. I ended up using old garbage bags and copper wire to make the head. The base is wood and copper pipes. For this  new hanging lamp inspired by my old project, I used wood veneer and card stock. I was happy with how cute it turned out but learned lots of tricks I will do next time. 

Inspiration lamp. I made this one with garbage and copper wire. 

Hot glue, wood veneer, hemma light kit, scissors and a pen 

3/4" birch veneer 

Glue down and press firmly 

Create the first circles to as big as you want your light to be

Weave in and out of until the desired shape is achieved 

Close up shots of the weave

Next step is to cut the hole in the card stock

Trace the inside of the cap from the lighting project

Screw top back on

Weave the plug through first

Secure cardstock to lamp

Glowing finished product

A room shot with Laney as our model

Supplies needed

Step One

Make a circle with your veneer strips. I cut them and formed them to the size I wanted to make. 

Step Two

Glue the strips with the hot glue gun and press down firmly to create the shape desired

Step Three

Weave strips in and out and in again until you're satisfied with your light ( I had to cut some strips along the way and re-glue)

Step Four

Unscrew the cap from the hemma light and trace the inside of the cap. Cut out the circle and place the cord through the hole and screw the cap back on. 

Step Five

Place the plug through a hole in the lamp, then put the card stock somewhere that will help the lamp hang centered. Secure the card stock to the wood veneer with glue. Remember to leave a big enough hole to put the light bulb in. 

Step Six

Follow the hemma light instructions for the hanging of the light

Tricks I learned


  • I used hot glue which works but activated the glue on the wood veneer, you could use a simple Elmers wood glue as alternative if you wanted

  • Buy the right colored card stock! I used gray next time I would use one that matches the lamp

  • Remember to leave enough room so the light bulb doesn't touch the sides, I would for safety reasons unplug when not in the same room.

Happy doing!

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