Twigging Out

It is finally getting warm enough to go for a walk outside. So we decided to take the dogs to the dog park. The trail is this beautiful trail along the Mississippi. Everyone is out and the dogs are leaping through the melting snow right into the river. Seeing all those barren trees with beautiful branches inspired me for a little wall art project. Which works out perfectly because recently I acquired two plain wood frames. I knew I could figure out a project!

Read below to see the simple and fun project I did. :)

Wood Frames

Wood frame + sticks before being painted 

Look how pretty I made the last of the snow!

My old trusty glue gun I've had since college. Cost me $1!

You may have to hold the stick in place for a little bit until it stays. 

Finished Product

Together displayed!

Supplies needed

  • Wood Frames- any size would work
  • Branches/Twigs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Screw Driver
  • Picture frame hangers
  • Twine or wire
  • Spray paint colors of your choice - I used Rust-oleum in satin aubergine and antique copper for the frame

Step 1

Spray paint your frames and branches. Let these dry for at least an hour

Step 2

Arrange your branches however you like and glue them down with your hot glue gun. Repeat until you're done

Step 3

Attach your picture frame hooks on both sides and run twine through it. 

Step 4

Hang on your wall and enjoy! :) 

Create your own it is as simple as 1,2,3 :)

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