One day it won't be winter...

     This winter has been a long one. We've spent a record number of days below freezing here in Minnesota! So, I can't wait for spring. Can't wait for the blooming of flowering trees and plants. For the sound of birds in the morning. In the mean time, to deal with the never ending cold I drink lots of tea and coffee. So, I decided to try using porcelain paint to make a new mug for myself. Scroll below for instructions : )

Supplies needed:

That's it! 

For making all you do is draw what you'd like. Let it dry for 24 hour. Then let it bake in the oven at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

Tips I learned

  • If you mess up you can wash it off and start over! But don't wait to long
  • Be careful, it could get messy! I stuck my hand in my first attempt and had to start over
  • Sketch with a pencil an idea and then translate it on the mug 

I love my new mug! I will be doing this again and use the same paint in combination with a more flat finished version of the paint for a different effect. It's easy and fun! 

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