The Creative Process

Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting! So excited to start this blog about living creatively. I believe if you find what inspires you, you'll love what you create and create what you love. I plan on blogging a couple times a week. Exploring all things that inspire. Even creating little lovelies based on an inspiration image. Learn more about my story here

I've been in a design and creative rut now for far too long! So, I made a resolution to make this the year of doing and not just saying I want to do something. What I've discovered is you can let life fly by and you can get caught up in the everyday if you don't make the time to do what you want. Your dreams aren't going to become real without some work. 

Take your pleasure seriously
— Charles Eames

Lets get to work! My creative process goes a little something like this. I usually start with an idea and look for inspirations that help further my idea. I sketch out and plan some logistics before I move on to making. My best ideas come when I am under the gun and have a deadline to meet. (Isn't that true for most of us?) Creating something that you thought of or made by hand is such an amazing feeling. My favorite inspirations to draw from are; birds, trees, metals, concrete, architecture and mid century modern design.


Take an inside look into how I make my jewelry! ENJOY 


 Creating all the jewelry shapes starts here! I do this for earrings, necklace, buttons, or whatever I feel like making :)

For these beads and pendants I decided not to create texture but to create interest with the shape instead.

Fire once without glaze to strengthen and improve quality of final product. 

I use multiple glazes on the same tile or just one. Whatever my mood is that day. :) I use a variety of glazes from light blues to deep reds.

Before firing...

After firing! The best part, seeing all the amazing chemical reactions that happen in the firing process.

Here is the easy part. I usually have a good idea on what I want to make. I spend a lot time researching and looking for inspiration on one of my favorite sites, Pinterest! You should follow me ;)

Ready to adorn you!

Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic
— Charles Eames

Hope you enjoyed the process!

See you again soon :)

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