I am Randi

 I am self taught in jewelry making and ceramics. But I fell in love with clay when I started working at Mercury Mosaics. I just love the way clay starts out in plain blocks and you can turn it into infinite possibilities. 

Each piece is made by me and all the designs start in a sketchbook. I love creating meaning out of the things that inspire me. Some of the things that inspire me are the mountains that surrounds me, chubby birds and their feathers and the smell of good candle burning while reading a true crime novel or maybe an episode of SVU. (Stabler + Benson 4EVR)

My Favorite things include coffee, chocolate, my dogs, a good show binge, and creating things by hand. So, now you know about me and I hope you enjoy my art!

Thanks for stopping by : )

Why Gloria Faye?

The name comes from my grandmother who taught me the importance of supporting handmade goods. Often times growing up my presents were from a tenant or a friend who made a candle or bracelet. She taught me how beautiful handmade goods are and she always inspired me to create and this shop is in her memory. 


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